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Local City Groups

The purpose of the Network for a New Culture City Groups is to contribute to recreating a world without fear and violence. City groups do this by helping their members break through emotional and sexual blocks, thus allowing their "life force" energy to flow freely. We recognize the world as one community, made up of many sub-communities, made up of many individual members. City Groups are intentional communities made up of members who seek individual and social change through group process. City groups help to change the world by helping their members change themselves and to free themselves of fear-based, energy consuming thought and behavior patterns. The local City Group will contribute to its members' ability to effectively be (or even live) in community.

We believe that once individuals become aware of who they are and what their genuine desires are, they'll be inspired to act in a multitude of ways that make the world a better place.

We also believe that these goals are most effectively carried out in the context of supportive community, so one of our primary purposes is to create communities as vehicles for social change, and to serve as models for others to emulate. At the same time, we recognize that our foundation is individual freedom and individual responsibility. The local City Group will appeal to persons who wish to develop relationship skills and who are looking for some form or structure within which group intimacy may take place.

We trust the individual. We operate on the assumption that self-aware, empowered individuals won't passively accept a world rushing toward environmental disaster and in which the social sphere is composed largely of cruelty, coercion, sadism, sexism, loneliness, neuroses, psychoses, fear and violence.

Each local City Group will use the following avenues to achieve its purpose:

  1. Exercises fostering intimacy, self-realization, trust-building, and comfort with sensuality and sexuality
  2. Study/discussion groups
  3. Transparency (radical honesty)
  4. Outreach
  5. Intentional community formation
  6. Cooperative and collective projects

Here is a list of active City Groups and their next scheduled meeting times and places:

City Group Next Meeting
* Kailua City Group
Phone: 262-4673 or 225-2486
Every 1st Friday, 7:30-9:00 PM
974 Apokula Place, Kailua, Hawaii
Pot luck, please bring an earth friendly dish to share
* DC Area City Group
Phone: 703-536-9190
Irregular meetings, call for information and directions
* Seattle City Group
Phone: 425-917-8372
(call for current info)

To add or modify entries on this list, send email to: webmaster@nfnc.org

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