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Second Annual
December Whatever
November 29th through December 6th

The December '97 Whomevers

The Portland City Group is once again sponsoring the DECEMBER WHATEVER. We are very pleased to bring the formidable facilitation skills of Rotraud Rospert from the ZEGG Community. Rotraud will lead forums, plus facilitate the group in several ZEGG type games and art actions throughout the week. An experienced leader at ZEGG, Rotraud visits the U.S. once a year and we are thrilled and privileged that she shares part of her time with us here in the Northwest.

Cost is $250.00 for the seven days, including food and lodging at the fabulous Eagle's Crest Resort near Bend in Central Oregon. Our four condos include 2 hot tubs for our own private use, plus indoor and outdoor pools, weight rooms, hiking trails, golf course, restaurants, etc.

Space is limited to only twenty-four, we are gender-balancing,
and funds exceeding expenses will help fund SC'99.

Call 800-624-8445 or email: dw@nfnc.org

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