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Network for a New Culture (NFNC) presents its sixth Summer Camp.
August 8th - August 20th

Network for a New Culture (NFNC) is dedicated to helping build a world free of fear and violence. How can we build a culture that is based on recognition of our connections rather than dis-connection and discord? The theme this year, Spirit of Community, emphasizes our connection with all being. We will explore our connection with ourselves, with one another, with our environment, and with the Universe (the Whole, the Transcendent). Our intention is to increase our awareness and experience of the LOVE that is the glue that connects all being.

Once again NFNC Summer Camp will bring to you some of the best tools we have discovered, some new, some tried-and-true, and, as always, a whole host of wonderful people to use them with. Camp is designed to be both fun and challenging, with emphasis on experiential activities. We will continue to build same gender solidarity as well as expanding our understanding of the "other."

We will be featuring the complete Naka-Ima program (campers from last year can assist!). There will be presentations by the Human Awareness Institute (HAI), Renegade Rabbi Gershon Winkler, Sharon Byrd, Geoph Kozeny, and much more -- at the clothing optional Aesculapia Retreat Center, 11 miles west of Grants Pass, Oregon.

A Dynamic Childcare Program will include: Arts and Crafts, Educational Nature Hikes, Swimming, Reading/Storytelling times, Theatre and Field trips. The program will be a cooperative endeavor. We're asking parents to expect to sign up for a minimal number of childcare shifts and to participate in planning meetings every three days. There is a $25.00 contribution per child requested to pay for supplies and field trips, and the Camp Committee will contribute an equal amount.

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Summer Camp 2000 Schedule and Program Descriptions

Tuesday evening, August 8th to Sunday afternoon, August 20th

Sorry, but this year's camp is SOLD OUT. We cannot accept any more registrants this year, but please consider joining us next year. Also, please be aware that we cannot accomodate any unregistered visitors, but if you are registered,and have not yet received your confirmation packet in the mail, you may access the online version here.

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or call: 800-624-8445