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August 11th - 23rd
It was an Adventure in
Intimacy & Community

PO Box 160, Forest Grove, OR 97116

Reviews of SC'98

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Summer Camp is in beautiful Northwest Oregon just 38 miles west of Portland.

Summer Camp '98 is an exciting way to integrate new thoughts, build new friendships and get a feel for community living. We will focus on building an environment of truth, honesty, sharing, and cooperation, with plenty of time for creativity, relationships, and fun.

JUST 30 MILES WEST OF PORTLAND, OR on a 46 acre private park.


Bring your TENTS to the beautiful Oregon Coastal Forest!  RVs are welcome, but there are no hookups.  Toilets and hot outdoor showers are onsite, and a 10 foot hot tub, too; all included in the price!

This year we're trying a longer Summer Camp, and scheduling it right after the West Coast Loving More Conference (August 7th through 9th in Berkeley, CA.).

We have decided to offer it in two phases. The first is more like our traditional annual retreat, with speakers, events, experiential happenings, lots of time to meet new friends and get back in touch with old. (See SC'97).

The second part is for those who have been to Summer Camp before (or are here for the first part of SC'98). During this session, which will be closed to drop-in visitors, camp will be less structured and more camper-coordinated. Speakers will be there to facilitate rather than lecture as communities naturally form during the course of the week.


Here's our rundown of topics and speakers for SC'98. We've worked hard to create a list of top notch presenters to excite and stimulate you. We want to provide tools for you to use to further grow your ideal community no matter what sort you wish to be a part of-- from extended family, to spiritual, to sexual, or any other focus.
JOSEPH CHILTON PEARCE, author of The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child, and Evolution's End. He has been a faculty member on child development at the Jung Institute in Switzerland. Three different departments at Harvard, UC, and Stanford have each sponsored educational conferences featuring his work. The Governor of California invited him to address two legislative planning sessions on the challenges facing children and families. Last year at Columbia University he addressed a special conference on education in the 21st century. His published work also covers spirituality and the enlightenment process - and he is a certified HeartMath trainer. A really high powered guy! He'll be appearing on Friday the 14th.
More background info.

BRUCE H. LIPTON, Ph.D., scientist, author, university professor and lecturer, is currently compiling research for his forthcoming book, The Biology of Consciousness. He formerly served as an Associate Professor of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine (Madison) and as a Fellow in the Department of Pathology at Stanford University's School of Medicine. Dr. Lipton taught medical Cell Biology and has carried out funded research on muscular dystrophy and on mechanisms of cardiovascular inflammation response. Based upon his research at Stanford, Dr. Lipton's most recent research publications on the regulation of cell behavior have yielded insight into the molecular basis of consciousness and the future of human evolution. He's appearing on Saturday Night the 15th and Sunday the 16th.
More background info.

PATCH ADAMS. Patch Adams is an MD with a difference. Not only is he a clown and a diplomat but for more than 27 years he has been putting into practice the idea that "healing can be a loving human interchange, not a business transaction." He is the former director of the Gesundeit Institute, (877 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22213. 703/525-8169) which has the modest goal of creating a model health facility that addresses all the major issues in health care delivery. He is currently planning on coming August 19th (second week).

MARIANA CAPLAN, M.A., therapist, freelance author, and lecturer. "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Community" will lead us into looking at the "ecstasy," of community, and equal time looking at the "agony," as Mariana leads the group in a discussion about the petty tyrant in community. She has written When Sons and Daughters Choose Alternative Lifestyles and the just released Untouched: The Need for Genuine Affection in an Impersonal World, both books published by Hohm Press.

GEOPH KOZENY, the Traveling Communitarian. Don't miss Geoph's slide show presentation on alternative communities in the USA and Canada. If you have a question about a community or beginning a community this is the man to ask.  -- about Geoph & Intentional Communities

BARBARA MUSSER, MBA, is a facilitator in training for the Human Awareness Institute's (HAI) Love, Intimacy and Sexuality workshops which focus on developing and strengthening positive self image, communication and relationship skills. She has a wealth of experience in facilitating teamwork and cultural change in a broad range of situations. She currently leads the Challenge Day Program in schools to develop listening and conflict resolution and leadership skills for students.

Barbara is a single parent and has published articles about parenting. She is currently writing a book about parenting to encourage the development of independence, curiosity, and positive self image for both the children and their parents.

SHARON BYRD, facilitates conflict resolution, and a monthly Human Awareness Institute (HAI) support group. She is also a presenter at HAI community nights. Sharon brings her joyful heart, mind and humor to all that she does.

She will facilitate our focus on mindfulness in solitude and intimacy with self. Using experiential sharing, participants will explore their relationship with self and their core vision.

MICHAEL ALUNA, author of EarthSpirit and several articles on deep ecology, panfidelity, and the new cosmology, will present "Good News! Positive trends in Global Consciousness."

BOB CZIMBAL & MAGGIE ZADIKOV, with "Erotic Spiritual Play". With ample amounts of humor, compassion and loving openness, Bob and his partner Maggie will lead the group in an all-day experience where there is an abundance of sexuality, spirituality and play.

DIANA MALSKY and MARTY KLAIF have lived residentially in intentional community for a combined total of over 20 years and been associated with more loosely knit communities for another 15 years. They have extensive personal experience and observations on how personal and interpersonal dynamics affect the success of community experiments. Their workshop will focus on the role of personal and interpersonal power dynamics, and the choices available for people adventuring into the world of cooperative community of any type.

MARY KOEHLER will be leading a session on the morning of the 18th. She will help us look at, share and discharge on what childcare could look like in ideal form and in reality with all of our baggage. She will also talk about the importance of adult allies to children taking responsibility for their "childhood stuff' when it comes up and how to create listening partnerships with other adults to discharge stuff that may come up.

Children's and Teens' Program at SC'98!
This year we're providing a much more comprehensive children's and teens' program, featuring Jenny Newell and Rami Vissell, to help increase family participation. More about these Programs.


In trying to answer the question "Where do I fit into the big picture?" we've started with our own "self," working out one step at a time through one-on-one relationships, to family, community, and finally to the really big picture.
WEEK 1: August 11th - August 17th
11 Tuesday Eve. General Overview Michael Aluna
12 Wednesday Self and Solitude "I"
a silent morning
Sharon Byrd
13 Thursday Self in Relationship Barbara Musser, HAI
14 Friday Self in Family Joseph Chilton Pearce
15 Saturday Self in Community Mariana Caplan
Geoph Kozeny
16 Sunday
      Early Closing
Global Overview
Bruce Lipton (starts Sat nite)
17 Monday Aftn & Eve
Erotic Spiritual Play
Bob Czimbal & Maggie Zadikov
link to detailed schedule

Our idea for the second half of summer camp is to provide what we're calling "Soft Leadership." We want the campers to be in charge of what is created. We will do our best to provide tools for you to use in building the communities you wish to see in your future. By tools we mean information and opportunities for each person to experience what it might be like to be in community with a group of other individuals.

We will be trying out the idea of villages so that smaller more intimate sharing can happen. These villages will have a central focus such as spirituality, art, sacred sexuality, etc. each dependent upon what the campers want. In these villages the facilitator(s) will lead the group in many types of activities so as to allow individuals an opportunity to share who they are with the other members of the village. Besides personal sharing, villagers may choose to do a project together so as to create a feeling of shared accomplishment. The possibilities are quite limitless and the camp coordinators will do all that we can do to make materials available for successes.

Away from the villages, individuals will have many opportunities to play with the rest of the campers. Since the second half is camper created there will be many whole camp activities available for the campers to plug into the week's schedule such as: The Communication Game, Lady Luck, Love Seat, Men's and Women's Groups, Dances, etc. Many campers may bring activities and workshop presentations that they would like to share with the camp. Because the campers will be putting together the schedule this is all possible. The possibilities are limitless for what can be created in this second week.

By the way, campers are encouraged to introduce a village idea, either at camp or in writing here on the WEB. (email to

List of anticipated villages forming during the second week of SC'98.

Here's our line up of facilitators for this second week:
WEEK 2: August 17th - August 23rd
(for campers who have been with us before or continue from the first week)
This is a suggested schedule only, campers will set their own agenda after Tuesday.
17 Monday
Erotic Spiritual Play
Bob Czimbal & Friends
18 Tuesday Day
Ideal Childcare forms
Unstructured Day

(morning) Mary Koehler
Now is the time to get together with those interested in your "community"
18 Tuesday Eve.
Opening Night
Organizational details;
Visioning the
Week Together
Geoph Kozeny & Camp Organizers
19 Wednesday
Personal Responsibility in Community
Intro to Patch's work
Marty Klaif & Diana Malsky

(evening) Patch Adams
20 Thursday
Humor in Community
Living a life of Joy
Patch Adams
21 Friday
Camper Choice

22 Saturday
23 Sunday
Facilitators & Camp Organizers
The second week is planned as a closed community where campers will have a chance to work with each other on a continuous basis. We ask all campers to arrive by Tuesday evening; and although you may leave at any time, we want to avoid the disruption of people coming and going. Of course, each village may set its own criteria for exceptions to this guideline.

Description After
July 11
All of SC'98 (Aug 11-23) $540.00
The 1st session (Aug 11-17) $420.00
The 2nd session (Aug 17-23) $320.00
Single Days $75.00
Check out our IFURA Discounts. Final registration cost depends on when you pay the balance of your registration fee. Group registration discounts available.
Food and Camping Sites Included.
We've priced SC'98 to encourage you to come for the 12 days, and
considering the price and speaker lineup, it's a real bargain.
We hope you'll join us!
See our discount schedule.
Cheaper rates for children 8 to 18 ($15/day or $90/all).
Children under eight stay for free.
All children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.
New discounts for Children's & Teens' Programs

The ABCs, our rules Detailed Schedule Registration Form About Villages Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to access SC'98s Frequently Asked Questions.

Summer Camp Mission Statement

Summer Camp is co-creating the transformation of our culture into universal love in the deepest sense.  By universal love we mean deep intimacy, transparency, honesty, spirituality, genuine equality, compassion, and sexual freedom through community.

PO Box 160, Forest Grove, OR 97116
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