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Network for a New Culture (NFNC) presents its fifth Summer Camp.
August 10th - August 22nd

The theme this year is "Transparency and Transition," acknowledging that we are all in a process of transformation, transitioning from one cultural model and creating a new model.  There will be presentations by the Human Awareness Institute (HAI), Ted Neff and Stephanie Nesbit from Radical Honesty, Lysbeth Borie on Consensus Facilitation, George Lockwood's Transformational Workshop, and spirituality on a clothing optional camp site with full facilities on the majestic Hood River.

We will be featuring the FULL Naka-Ima program at camp this year.  This is a two and a half day intensive transparency and self-examination program.  See the article on the Naka-Ima process.

NFNC consists of individuals and groups dedicated to exploring and building new paradigms for relationship with self, others, community, the world at large, and Spirit.  SC‘99 is experiential by nature and provides a safe, supportive environment in which to learn and try out new ways of thinking and living with others — and bringing that growth back out to every day life.  Practicing transparency with ourselves and others is one of the main tools we emphasize as we do our work.  Previous camp reviews.

Summer Camp '99 Schedule and Program Descriptions

Tuesday evening, August 10th to Sunday afternoon, August 22nd
$399 registration by  **JULY 22nd**  includes camping, three vegetarian meals a day,
all recreational facilities and presentations.
Compare this price to a typical transformational WEEKEND!)

Send this registration form along with your check payable to Summer Camp‘'99 to:
Summer Camp’99, PO Box 160, Forest Grove, Oregon 97116

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or call 800-624-8445