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Winter Workshop 2000

January 24th - 30th, 2000
Oregon House (Yachats, Oregon)

Join Us For A Week Of Transformation and Co-creation

You are cordially invited to a week of transformation and co-creation at the Oregon House in Yachats, OR. This week will feature Lysbeth Borie of Alpha Institute for the first 2 days to run us through some action-packed consensus training, and then we'll jump off into the rest of the program which will focus on continuing the skills we learned at Summer Camp and Naka Ima--transparency, radical honesty, creating community, and much, much more.

This will also be a week dedicated to both self and group empowerment. Most of us have been through life-changing workshops and experiences, now it's our turn to share what we've learned. Whether it be through guided dance, meditation, fishbowls, lady luck, forums, theatre games, men's/women's groups, etc., this is our time to facilitate games and exercises that will build community, foster transparency, invite us to risk, and bring us to a higher level of intimacy both with our selves and our community. And how will we decide what to do? By consensus, of course!

The cost of the week is $220, and includes all programs, all meals, and 6 nights stay at the luxurious Oregon House. Any extra proceeds will go to the Summer Camp 2000 fund.

If you wish to facilitate something or suggest a happening, please email the winter workshop committee so we can put in on the list.

We look forward to hearing from you soon -- how about replying by email right now!

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