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New Culture Institute Presents

Network For a New Culture 2019 Exploratorium Camp

Camp Dates: Friday June 14th through Friday June 21st

Exploratorium Camp:

Friday evening June 14 — 5pm Friday June 21st 2019

In our co-created, temporary community of service, get to know your current and potential selves better through reflections, feedback, mentoring, leadership, games and work projects.

As a group, we begin to open the container for Summer Camp West - physical, mental, energetic and emotional aspects. We will:
* Clean and set up spaces.
* Prepare the land, weaving humans back in with the land (humans will not have i nhabited the land all year).
* Do this in a spirit of service, generosity, connection and fun.
* Serve as conduits for new culture.
* Collaborate to build community - in, with and for each other.

Join us for embodying experiments in flexibility and self-discovery, while guided by, and in service to, community. Together we'll discover how consciously being in service to ourselves serves the whole, as well as how consciously serving the whole serves ourselves.

Through interactive and creative strategies, playing and living together, we will find our best approaches to give and receive observations and feedback geared toward growth.

Apply to join us if you're up for this exploration! We are limiting the group to 36 participants so we may all know each other (and ourselves) well.

Applications are now CLOSED! Join the Waitlist.

Mission Statement

Network For a New Culture is co-creating the transformation of our Culture into Universal Love in the deepest sense. By Universal Love we mean deep intimacy, transparency, honesty, spirituality, genuine equality, compassion, and sexual freedom all through the context of community.


Would you like to be one of our future presenters??

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