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Other Resources

This is our collection of links to other sites with resources that may be useful to creating the New Culture needed at this time on our planet.

While these resources are loosely organized into categories, many of them will contain information pertinent to other categories as well.

Intentional Community:

The Fellowship for Intentional Communities (Communities Magazine & Directory)
FIC Intentional Community Events Calendar
Annual Twin Oaks Communities Conference (in August)
Global EcoVillage Network
The Findhorn Foundation
Northwest Intentional Communities Association
Resilient Communities
The Intentional Communities Web Ring (many sites)
The Cohousing Network
The Foundation for Community Encouragement (M. Scott Peck)
Jack Graham's FCE page
O.U.R. Ecovillage (Canada) - workshops, newsletter, etc.
Christiania – experimental community in Copenhagen, Denmark

Social Responsibilty and Evolution:

The Center for Conscious Evolution
New Civilization Network
New Civilization Network Resources (extensive!)
The Institute for Planetary Renewal
Institute of Noetic Sciences
New Agreements web site and discussion group
Grass-roots low tech sustainability
The Co-Intelligence Institute
The Chaordic Commons
Commonway (teachings of Sharif Abdullah)

NEW! Political Activism and Reform:

UC Berkeley News: George Lakoff on language to dominate
ActionSpeaks Portland
Consumer Protection for Elections
MoveOn: Democracy in Action
truthout (independent news)
VotersUnite (voter activism)
The Help America Recount Fund
E-Voting News and Analysis
Independent Media Center
The League of PISSED OFF Voters
VOTERGATE (investigative filmmakers)
Left Turn Magazine

Personal Growth:

HAI The Human Awareness Institute
Dr. Michael Ryce's books and "Reality Management" process
The Growing Place
Tools for Exploration
The Thinking Allowed Television Series and Videos
Freeheart - Washington, D.C area transformation group
New Paradigm Relationships:

LMM Loving More Magazine and Workshops
Pacific NW Polycamp 2005 (July 15-17)
The Institute for 21st Century Relationships
The Center for Partnership Studies (Riane Eisler)
The Partnership Way Center, Tucson, Arizona
Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness
Polyamorous Online Community (including personals)
Howard Landman's Polyamory Index
Polyamorous US, interactive website
Olympia Poly-Intimacy Network
An international, multilingual poly site (in France)
Kyril Oakwind's Polyamory page
Polyamory Lifestyle Information
An Unconditional Love
Polyamory article: One plus one plus...
The Polyamory Web Ring (many sites)
Yahoo club: Intentional Community For Polys
Australian Alternative Polyamorous Community
New Zealand PolyPioneers
PAARC Polyamory Awareness and Acceptance Ribbon Campaign

Alternative Spirituality:

OmPlace: Conscious Living Directory and Alternative NewsRoom
New Age Journal
Green Egg: A Journal of the Awakening Earth

Sexuality and Romance:

tantra.com The Resource for Tantra & The Kama Sutra
Tantra Magic: Your Path to Sexual and Spiritual Enhancement
The Society for Human Sexuality
The Society for Human Sexuality (Portland resources)
Sacred Sexuality
The Safer Sex Pages
Just Say Yes: the Coalition of Positive Sexuality
Gregory Godek: World of Romance & 1001 Ways to Be Romantic
Beloved.net: Matchmakers/personal ads (new paradigm supportive)
The Bonobo Way: Peace Through Pleasure
Mathew Fox's Spirituality-Sexuality Movement

Communications and Poetry:

The Center for Nonviolent Communication
John Burik: Change
Rumi: Fountain of Fire: A Celebration of Life and Love

Vanguard Sciences:

Fractal Evolution (Bruce Lipton)
The Suppressed Ideas of Kropotkin on Evolution
Leading Edge International Research Group

Other locations with links to NFNC:

3.2 years Life Cycles and Synchronicity
Wilson's Almanac free email magazine, planetary links, more
National Sexuality Resources
Loving More Links and References
Cable Partnership Page
Love, Community and Human Evolution
John Banister's poly page
Seattle Poly Group

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