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New Culture Discussion Group

The New Culture Discussion Group is an open forum for the discussion of any topic related to the exploration of "New Culture", including (but not limited to) the formation of new communities in which this culture can be modeled. If you are interested in participating in an ongoing discussion about the manifestation of a new culture based on the principles described elsewhere on this site, you are welcome to join the discussion.
Discussion group mailing list:
How to join the mailing list

Additionally, this page provides access to list archives and documents that were developed and/or submitted during explorations into the formation of a new community. Some of these are ongoing interactive surveys and polls.

Background information on the community project
Community Mission(Vision) Statements (as posted by Russ)
Community Mission(Vision) Statements (as posted by Miaya)

The following items have been offered by participants for reference purposes during the discussions regarding the creation of a new community:

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